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  • I don't think most of us really think about issues like what kind of assistance we or a loved one might need until it happens. When an elderly uncle had a need I quickly learned I needed some experienced assistance to help him. Then someone referred me to Iowa Senior Planning and it was the best decision we could have made. They worked with us and have walked us through the process so smoothly. Believe me there is information overload out there and most of what you hear is not the way it works. I highly recommend Iowa Senior Planning if you find yourself in need of someone who can counsel with you and walk beside you on the correct path. This group is awesome, know what needs to be done, and made a very difficult situation much more bearable. What a blessing they have been to us!
    — Jonette
  • If you are helping an elderly parent who is about to outlive their financial resources and have no idea what to do or where to turn for answers – Mr. Jackson can be an answer to your prayers. I took a leap of faith to contact him and could not be more thankful that I did. His knowledge and advice have been very educational and helpful and provided me with priceless peace of mind. I rarely provide endorsements but I am honored to do so for Mr. Jackson. I am confident that he can be a blessing to you, too.
    — David
  • Dear Friends, Just a few words to tell you of the help and happiness Iowa Senior Planning has brought to me. Got a heavy load? They will lighten it! Need direction plus a friendly “kitchen table” talk; they will be there all the way. I have made a lasting and safe, dependable friend. Call them.
    — Dolores
  • If you need help to fill out the Medicaid application, so you can get your loved one on Medicaid, then you need to call Iowa Senior Planning. They were a great help to me. I was stressed and they put me at ease. They met with me and helped me fill out the application and get all the paper work needed, in order to send in the application. My brother was approved in 30 days. I know it was because of the great help I received from Iowa Senior Planning to get him approved in a very short period of time.
    — Joyce
  • I know you are very busy so I just wanted to take the time to email you my sincere Gratitude to you. I live in Northern California, here in Iowa visiting doing my best to help my father and it is with the unselfish help from people like you that has made this trip of mine a lot easier than what it could have been. Thank you Evan for your time and knowledge on this matter, I am forever grateful.
    — Bill
  • Mr. Jackson not only assisted but completed my application process to get approved for Medicaid Insurance long-term care for me here at Manor Care. I feel Mr. Jackson excelled and exceeded industry standards without complications and did this in the most professional and personal manner. My only hope is that the word gets out and more referrals are sent to Mr. Jackson and Iowa senior planning as I said this organization and the representative Mr. Jackson is many steps above the rest. A 10 star rating. He requested my information necessary to complete the application process, completed the application for me, and did all the follow-up necessary for me to get approved. There was nothing for me to do which took the major portion of my stress in getting long-term care for financial assistance.
    — Forest
  • Evan and Iowa Senior Planning were a great help in guiding us through successfully applying for Medicaid assistance for my mother. The advice we received from them made the process much easier to understand and a lot less frightening.
    — Anonymous
  • Evan and Luann at Iowa Senior Planning are such a blessing!!! My family thought my dad was not eligible for Medicaid with the research we had done. My mom was paying almost $7,000 per month for my dad’s nursing home. After one meeting with a Evan it was as if a very heavy weight had been lifted. Not only did he help us do everything we needed to in order to get dad on Medicaid, but he also helped with some financial planning for my mom and prepaid funeral arrangements. Luann was always available for questions and to help us get all the necessary paperwork finalized. Together as a team, they’ve got the knowledge and the compassion to help you through a very difficult time. We highly recommend Iowa Senior Planning and will continue to use them for future needs. Thank you Evan and Luann!!!
    — Jen

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We aim to help citizens of the community find the best financial options available for their long-term healthcare needs. We utilize innovative approaches to help seniors qualify for public health benefit assistance to assist in lowering the cost of long-term care. Our additional specializations include: Medicare insurance, end-of-life planning, pre-need funeral planning, and health insurance. Learn more about Iowa Senior Planning.

The United States Supreme Court has described the Medicaid law as "among the most intricate ever drafted by Congress," with a "Byzantine construction" that is "almost unintelligible to the uninitiated."

Schweiker v. Gray Panthers, 453 U.S. 34, 43 (1981)

Medicaid Planning

The Long-Term Care Medicaid program is confusing and difficult to get approved for, even if you’re already eligible. Making matters worse, there are many misconceptions about how to qualify for Medicaid and apply for Medicaid. Our experienced team will help you understand the complicated process of getting the help you or your loved one needs to pay for long-term care in a skilled nursing facility. Learn more.

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