Medicaid Eligibility Planning

The Long-Term Care Medicaid program is confusing and difficult to get approved for, even if you’re already eligible. Making matters worse, there are many misconceptions about how to qualify for and apply for Medicaid assistance. We can help you understand the complicated process of getting the help you or your loved one needs to pay for long-term care in a skilled nursing facility. 

One of the most common misconceptions about Long-Term Care Medicaid policy is that if you have any assets at all, you don’t qualify for assistance. This simply is not true. 

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We can answer all the common questions that seniors have about Medicaid: 

  • Do I need to spend down all my assets to qualify for Medicaid? 
  • Will my spouse living at home have enough money to pay for living expenses? 
  • How long does it take to get approved for long-term Medicaid coverage? 
  • Are my Veteran benefits compliant with Medicaid? 
  • What medical services does Medicaid cover? 
  • If I accept Medicaid assistance, can the state seize my house from my spouse or loved one after I die? 
  • Are my adult children responsible for my medical bills? 

We can get you or your loved one eligible and approved for Medicaid

Iowa Senior Planning incorporates an innovative approach to helping people become eligible for Medicaid. We specialize in Medicaid pre-planning, asset preservation and crisis management. We can help you if you’re already in a nursing home and need help qualifying or if you’re anticipating a future need. Additionally, we will be your advocate with Medicaid and will handle all correspondence related to your application.